What Secularization Did to the Self

According to one history of secularization, we owe our very selves to it. As C. S. Lewis’s god-haunted protagonist in Till We Have Faces exclaims to the deities, “There’s no room for you and us in the same world. You’re a tree in whose shadow we can’t thrive. We want to be our own.” According … Lire la suite

Scripture and Transformation in Ancient Christian Anthropologies

Whatever we think of Origen today, his commitment to the Scripture is undeniable. He is known for his allegorical approach to biblical interpretation. Unlike other Christian theologians of his time, he studied the Hebrew language and consulted rabbinic interpretations of the Jewish Scriptures. Yet, beyond these commonly known facts, there was a kind of holistic … Lire la suite

Don’t Look Up: When the End Is Nigh

SPOILER WARNING: Movie spoilers ahead! Netflix’s Don’t Look Up is a masterpiece of sorts—it has an all-star cast and is funny, thought-provoking, interesting, poignant, reflective, and timely. It also has the honor of instigating another shared cultural moment as many Americans have watched this trending movie at the end of the holiday season, when the … Lire la suite